The 6th edition of the DIVE Festival is coming on the

8th May @eurcampus
11th May 3:00pm-0:00am @roodkapje_rotterdam
12th May 1:00pm-2:00am @roodkapje_rotterdam

DIVE Festival is a three- day art festival organized by ACE’s Expo committee, welcoming creativity of any and all kinds of genres and disciplines to be exhibited for a curious audience. Young, upcoming artists from all disciplines present new and existing works about an yearly theme that is decided in the beginning of the year. Expect: spoken word, visual and digital art, music, installations and creative workshops!

Each year DIVE artists present work under a specific theme, and this years theme is 🧠OUR MIND🧠

OUR MIND connects all of human experience. Dazzling adventures turning into memories, sensuality intertwining body and mind, self-reflection, as well as mental health struggles are a few of the multiple facets OUR MIND incorporates. We celebrate OUR MIND as a tapestry of beauty and complexity, with threads of light and darkness woven intricately together.
In their own way, our artists have brought the theme to life. Revealing glimpses of their inner world through the lens of their art 🧘‍♀️🎨💭
Get ready to immerse yourself in a sea of creativity, inspiration and our minds at Dive Festival 2023! Join us as we showcase a diverse range of art forms 🌊✨

Besides the wonderful art itself, DIVE also offers workshops from our very own artists at the festival!

a Pitch night was organized on the 15th of March to introduce the theme and several of the artists that are joining the DIVE Festival this year!

So go follow @divefestival.ace and keep your eye out for more exciting announcements with DIVE coming soon.

Expo committee email: expo@ifaace.nl