Brother Associations

Interfaculty Rotterdam and Koepel Organisatie Rotterdamse Faculteitsverenigingen (KORF)

IFA ACE is part of Interfaculty Rotterdam, which is a collaboration between various study associations here in Rotterdam. Interfaculty organizes at least two events per year. Annually we organise the Interfaculty Gala, the Interfaculty Party and the Eurekaweek Party. 

Besides Interfaculty, IFA ACE is also part of KORF. KORF is the Koepelvereniging Rotterdamse Faculteitsverenigingen or translated as: Umbrella Association Faculty Associations Rotterdam. The KORF is an umbrella association, which is only accessible for faculty associations from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. KORF wants to create a broad cooperation between the associations to improve the position of their students. In this way KORF forms a broad front and is able to serve as a voice to the outside world for our students.