Board Year

Doing a board year at ACE is an experience of immeasurable value. Together with your fellow board members you will keep an entire association up and running, organizing activities with over 70 committee members accross 13 committees and providing added value for our over 900 members. The tasks you are responsible for as a board member will greatly boost your organizational and management skills.

Next to that, you will also expand your professional- and social network, as you get to collaborate with other associations and organizations. Not to forget: you will have an unforgettable year full of excitement and fun! You become close with your fellow board members, the members of the association, and you get to partake in all the events and trips. From your Board Announcement Drink to your last General Assembly – a board year at ACE is filled with experiences that are unique to leading a faculty association.

You can apply for the following board positions:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Public Affairs Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Editor-in-Chief*

* Please note that the Editor-in-Chief position is a joint position. This means that being the Editor-in-Chief can be combined with any of the five independent board positions, but that it cannot be a position on its own. Therefore, the board will consist of a maximum of five people.

Interested in becoming part of the board of ACE? Applications for the 43rd board are not yet open, but stay tuned!

Your application will be reviewed by the Application Committee, which is formed each year and consists of former board members, some members of the Supervisory board and the current board.

If you have questions concerning a board year, you can message us on Instagram or Facebook or send an email to