Sister Associations

SGN (Studenten Geschiedenis Nederland)

IFA ACE is as an active member of the Dutch History Student Council (SGN). The board of SGN comprises of delegates from all boards of study associations for the study of History at Dutch universities. In addition to discussions between the boards, the SGN Board also organizes the SGN day each year. This year it will take place in Nijmegen.

The participating boards of SGN are:

NCCS (National Council of Communication Sciences)

The National Council of Communication Sciences represents an umbrella organization of nationwide communication-related study associations. As of last academic year (2019/20) , IFA ACE is officially a member and will partake in monthly meetings where representatives of each below-listed associations get together. The main goal of the National Council of Communication Sciences is to organize the annual “National Day of Communication”. On this day, students from sister associations all over the Netherlands get together, network and mingle while discussing communication-related topics. There will be professional workshops, lectures given by professionals and experts, and opportunities to network with third parties. 

This event is hosted in a different city each year, and IFA ACE will host this unique event in the academic year of 2027-2028. In that year, ACE will have to create a separate committee “National Day of Communication Committee” that will specially prepare for this big event. If two associations are located in the same city, they will host the event together. In addition to the “National Day of Communication”, NCSS organizes two “sister days” each year, those specific associations are in charge of organizing. ACE will have the honor to host their first sister day in the academic year of 2023-2024. 

The following associations are members of the National Council of Communication: