Study Trip


Study Trip 2022/2023

In summer 2023, ACE went on a trip to two countries: Sicily and Tunisia! We visited cities such as Palermo, Catania and Tunis. Explored markets, went SUPing, tried lots of new foods, visited some great museums and explored the Tunisian Medina!

Study Trip 2021/2022

From July 13th to July 24th 2022, ACE has traveled to Bulgaria for its annual Study Trip. We visited cities such as Sofia, Varna and verliko Tarnovo, hiked in the beautiful mountains of the seven Rila Lakes, Watched an Opera performed outdoors at Lake Pancharevo, Visited markets, went to the beaches of Varna, visited many incredible museums, and overall had an amazing time and made really close friends along the way. 

The seven Rila Lakes & Verliko Tarnovo