SmartBooks - Dutch University Booksellers

🔹We are excited to announce our new textbooks partner - SmartBooks🔹

Smartbooks provides textbooks exclusively to student unions. Smartbooks has all the books and titles you need in stock as a student 

There are several benefits ACE members receive from this partnership. Besides fast and cheap delivery, Smartbooks is the platform for selling your second hand books. As Smartbooks maintains close contact with I.F.A. ACE and professors at your faculty, you are guaranteed to always order the right textbooks at Smartbooks. 

So if you're interested you can follow this link and order a textbook or sell your older books - It will only take you a minute 📲

Our partnership with SmartBooks allows us to help you, our members, find needed books faster, more easily and for cheaper, and provide you with a reliable platform to give your books a second life.

We are excited to work on this goal together! 🔷🔷

If you still have doubts or any questions, please ask the Smartbooks Team. They respond quickly and professionally to your questions, so that you only have to focus on your studies.
You can also check out their website by clicking here.