Will you soon be graduating or are you already on the lookout for the first step in your career? Then make sure to read along! When you start oriënting on the job market, getting in touch with companies and finding a job that fits you can be hard. can help you find your professional match. is the #1 career network for students and graduates in The Netherlands, that uses AI to help you find an internship, traineeship, or entry level position at a company that fits you best. With 5000+ companies on the network, you’ll definitely find your match!

How does it work?

Maybe you’ve noticed the word “match” in the previous paragraph, and maybe this will ring a bell. is not just a regular job platform, but it actually allows you to swipe matching vacancies left or right, just like Tinder. How fun is that? So, how does it work: when you create your free profile on, the first matches that fit your profile, experiences and interests will appear. Then you can like or ignore these jobs, which will help the algorithm to select even better fitting opportunities for you. If you like a job, you save it for later, but also notify the recruiter of that specific company that you’re interested in the position. Consequently, the recruiter will reach out to you to see whether you’d be interested in learning more about the company and job. That way, you get in touch with companies that might be the right fit for you!

Build your network

In addition to liking jobs, you can also build your network on By connecting with companies, big or small, that appeal to you, you enter their “talent pool”. This means that companies can now reach out to you when they post a job that matches your profile. So, an easy way to build your network with interesting companies and to get in touch with recruiters! Are you ready to swipe right on your professional match? Create your FREE profile on by clicking the button below!