Learn more about our committees and their activities and goals

Acquisition Committee

ACE is constantly growing and getting new members who aim to benefit from ACE's network. Sponsers and partners are a crucial part of this network -members can for instance get discounts or find internships within that network. The goal of the Acquisition committee is to obtain more financial support or services from third parties that will aid ACE to grow and be able to offer more lucrative opportunities to our members. As a member of this committee, you will work closely together with the Public Affairs Manager of the board and be of crucial importance to them. 

Almanac Committee

The Almanac committee is a committee that takes place once every five years; it goes together with the Lustrum committee. The Almanac committee creates a book that covers the last five years of ACE. It can include interviews with old members, photos of events, trips, and previous boards. The Almanac committee consists of old and new members. The committee starts in the last half-year of the year and finds the content and theme for the Almanac. 

Career Committee

The Career committee brings students and companies closer together by hosting the annual Career Days. The Career Days are aimed at inspiring students to think about their ambitions, talents, and future. Furthermore, students get the opportunity to orient themselves on the job market. The events include company presentations, case studies, training, workshops, lunches, networking drinks, and in-house visits. Besides the Career Days, the committee will organize two other career-related events during the year. Do you like to create big events and building a network for you and your fellow students? Then this is the perfect committee for you!

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Drinks Committee

It’s all in the name. This committee organizes a social drink every 3 weeks, which makes a total of 14 social drinks throughout the year. The committee comes up with themes, activities, games, and decorations for these drinks, and they are in charge of the organizational tasks. Every year, the social drink committee aims to organize a beer cantus in collaboration with another association.

EmbrACE Committee

The EmbrACE Committee will publish four EmbrACE magazine issues in the academic year, which translates to one issue per academic term. The magazine is officially recognized and subsidized by the faculty and is there to represent and feed the interests of students from all three ESHCC study programs. ACE encourages the EmbrACE committee to write creatively and informatively about issues that are at their, and their peers’ hearts. The editorial team writes articles, reviews, and opinion pieces for both our print edition and online. EmbrACE online is a separate page on the IFA ACE website, and members of the committee each write multiple articles for this platform throughout the year. Join this committee if you are an inspired writer, or creative in any other way. Throughout the year, we have several brainstorm sessions where we decide what the themes will be for the four issues. If you want to be a famous photographer or are super creative in writing or desire to contribute to a fantastic editorial team, don't hesitate to sign up!

Facebook: Embrace Magazine

Eurekaweek Committee

The Eurekaweek is the introduction week for all new first-year EUR students. It is the most crucial week for first-years to get to know ACE! As a member of the Eurekaweek committee, you will be responsible for all the activities and marketing that will be organized this week. As a committee member, you will think of arranging the marketing material, promotional stunts, getting volunteers, contacting the Eurekaweek Board, thinking of events during the campus day and festival, and many more!
Since this week is significant for the association, it comes with great responsibility. You will learn how to keep the overview, improve your organizational skills and gain marketing skills to make sure the events run smoothly! In return for your efforts, you can attend most of the Eurekaweek activities together with the current and upcoming board.
Do you enjoy your time at ACE, and do you know how to promote ACE during this week than sign up to become a committee member! International members and members who are already in a committee are more than welcome as well!
The committee will start from the 1st of April and work up until and including the Eurekaweek (16th-19th of August). This committee will work on average for 12 hours per month.

EXPO Committee

This committee organizes the Erasmus EXPO every year; one of the biggest events of ACE! The Expo is an art exhibition which takes the form of a 3-day long festival. The content of the exhibition is completely open and up to the committee members. The committee puts their creativity into reality by inviting a range of different artists, such as dance, music, artworks, and fashion shows. Since 2018, the Erasmus EXPO has taken on the form of DIVE Festival - a three-day-long celebration of all things art. If you want to know what it's like to set up an exhibition, want to be creative, and think outside the box, join this committee and put your skills, passion, and knowledge into practice.

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Lustrum Committee

Every five years, the Lustrum of I.F.A. ACE is celebrated. ACE's next lustrum takes place in 2021-2022, their 8th lustrum, celebrating their 40th-year existence. The lustrum committee will start halfway throughout this year to begin making preparations for the upcoming year’s events. The Lustrum committee will consist of new and active members and alumni members.

Marketing Committee

The marketing committee aims to help ACE gain more visibility. Our goal is to create more creative content, such as cool video montages and creating merchandise, that will attract more members. Therefore, we are looking for talented students who are passionate about working on online or offline advertisements. If you feel like this committee is for you, you are passionate about marketing or would like to enhance your skills, sign up for this committee. In your application, we would like to see some of your previous creative work.

Programme Committee

The programme committee represents three studies: History, IBCoM, and Arts & Culture. If you join this committee, you will organize events where students from different studies can meet and broaden their perspectives. In previous years, activities consisted of museum visits, cocktail workshops, and pub lectures. If you get enthusiastic about connecting people, organizing fun and exciting events, don't be shy and join this committee!

Short Trip Committee

Once a year, the Short Trip Committee organizes a short, 3- to 4-day trip abroad. This trip usually takes place in Europe. For example, we have visited Budapest, Helsinki, and Pompeï in the past. During the trip, you organize study-related activities, but there is always time for some social activities!

Social Events Committee

This committee's goal is to organize fun events to enhance the student's overall experience at university. For example, last year we visited a Christmas market in Germany, which was very exciting! If you like organizing fun activities while seeing your hard work pay off, this is the right committee for you!

Study Trip Committee

Every summer, we go on a ten-day trip to a unique destination. The locations always vary, and we specifically chose less-known destinations to enhance the learning experience. For example, in the past, we have visited Albania, Malta, and Morocco! As a committee member, you are responsible for organizing the trip and planning activities, while ensuring a rich learning experience, next to an unforgettable experience for your members!