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http://www.duurzamestudent.nl/; http://www.studentenvoormorgen.nl/


DuurzameStudent.nl is the online platform about sustainability for and by students, founded by Studenten voor Morgen. We are looking for new, permanent editors who want to write and create content for the platform!

But first things first: what is sustainability? It's pretty hard to define sustainability, don't you think? We believe that sustainability is in any case about a fair and safe place on earth for everyone. This means that we write together about social, economic and ecological themes.

We are looking for young people/students who are enthusiastic about these themes and therefore topics related to sustainability and climate. The most random things get a place on Duurzame Student, so write about topics that interest you, about which you know a lot or about which you think 'more people should know that!'.

The most important thing is that you are motivated. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then we are looking for you!

Why would you want to become an editor at Duurzame Student?

  • More experience writing articles.

  • You will be working for a cool sustainable, non-profit organization.

  • You will join a super fun team of editors.

  • Looks good on your resume.

  • No minimum or maximum articles per month, you write in your own time about the things you find interesting.

  • Opportunity to grow as a writer and to network at get-togethers.


Send an email tohoofdredacteur@studentenvoormorgen.nl and we will let you know what we can do for you. In your e-mail we would like to read who you are, why you want to contribute and which themes you would like to write about. If you don't know which themes those are yet, no problem! Take a look at the platform for inspiration, or maybe we have a current topic that appeals to you.


Do you have an interesting story to tell about sustainability, but are you unable or unwilling to become a permanent editor? You can also contribute an article once! Send an email with your idea to hoofdredacteur@studentenvoormorgen.nl.