42nd Board of ACE


From left to right: Rosa Hoogerdijk, Anna Motybel, Jonah van Lotringen, Karsten Okkerman, Jana Perusheska

President: Jonah van Lotringen
Secretary: Anna Motybel
Treasurer: Karsten Okkerman
Public Affairs Manager: Rosa Hoogerdijk
Marketing Manager: Jana Perusheska

Jonah van Lotringen (President & Editor-in-Chief)

Hi everyone! I am Jonah and this year I will be the president of I.F.A. ACE which is going to be a lot of fun! 

As president I have to make sure all the board members are able to fulfil their functions to the greatest degree and keep track of our short- and long-term goals. Additionally, I will be editor-in-chief of EmbrACE, our association’s magazine. That means that I will work with the EmbrACE committee to deliver a great read to you on our website blog and in our magazine issues!

Besides that, I study history and philosophy, and I also work at the philosophy faculty. Whenever possible I also like reading, writing, sports, and I’m always in for karaoke (which I will make sure we will be organizing again this year). I hope to see you soon during our events and trips this year!

Anna Motybel (Secretary)

Hi, my name is Anna and this year I’ll be the Secretary of I.F.A. ACE!

As the Secretary I am responsible for keeping track of new sign-ups, writing the newsletters and being the main person of contact of the association. This year I’m also in charge of the Drinks, Social Events and EXPO committees.

Besides that, I am Polish from Belgium, I study IBCOM, and work at a pizza store. In my free time I like to go to the gym, dance bachata, bake and go to karaoke. I hope to see you all at our future events!

Karsten Okkerman (Treasurer)
Hey! My name is Karsten and I'll be the treasurer of I.F.A. ACE this year!

As Treasurer, I'll be responsible for running the association's finances. I make sure all our bills get paid and we stay within budget for all our events. On top of that, I'll be Treasurer and Board Representative for three large event committees: Career, EXPO, and Study Trip.

I graduated history in 2022, and I'm currently working on my second degree in philosophy. Aside from that, I like writing, walking my dog in nature and listening to audiobooks on my commute from Dordrecht. I also love playing sports with friends and I dabble in playing the guitar!
Rosa Hoogerdijk (Public Affairs Manager & Vice President)
Hey everyone! My name is Rosa and I am the Public Affairs Manager plus Vice President of the 42nd of IFA ACE. As PAM, I am responsible for the internal communication with the ESHCC faculty and external communication with our current and potential future partners/sponsors.

As a master in tourism student, I am excited about our trips this year (along with all the other events, of course!). If not studying or in the office, you can find me in the cinema, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or out for a run!

Looking forward to seeing old and new faces throughout the year.
Jana Perusheska (Marketing Manager)
Hi everyone, my name is Jana and I am ACE’s 42nd Marketing Manager. That entails that I’m responsible for all online and offline marketing of ACE, including this post!

As Marketing Manager, I am also President of the Marketing Committee, which I’m incredibly excited for! Lastly, I’m the board representative of the Short Trip Committee.

Outside of ACE, I’m a second year IBCoM student from Macedonia. In my free time I like to travel, take photos and cycle!