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Communication and Media | History | Culture and Arts Career Week

The Annual CHC Career Week is an on-campus career event led by our Career Committee. However, this year, we rebranded to CHC Career Week. The event’s main goal is to close the gap between academics and the labour market. We aim to achieve this by bringing students and professionals together so that students can broaden their horizons and perspectives regarding their career opportunities and get to know potential employers. The career event is inspired by the field of Humanities (being of Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication), which means that it entices Erasmus University of Rotterdam’s students to look beyond their current interests and potentially discover job options that they would not have considered before. 

On top of that, we aim to offer our students the chance to scout for internships and other career assisting activities. We are looking forward to encouraging them to be interested and make their first steps in the labour market. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the last two Career Week events were either fully online or in a hybrid format. This year, keeping in mind about the unpredictability of COVID19 and other external factors, we are aiming at launching the Career Week fully in-person and on campus again. During the 5-day event, students will be able to meet representatives from various institutions, focus on actual possibilities and actively interact with them through certain activities. The activities usually include presentations, workshops, panel talks and Q&As sessions. Additionally, this year, we want to making the Career Event as sustainable as possible by, for example, encouraging the use of green transportation: bikes or public transportation.

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