EmbrACE Magazine

Every Reason, Every Effect


She’s sitting across from you and you can’t help but observe her from over the top of your computer. You shouldn’t stare, you know if she notices your gaze, it’ll be the cause of an awkward few moments between you two. Still, you can’t tear your eyes away from her as you wonder what caused all those marks to appear on her skin. You’ve seen all the scars she’s attempted to keep hidden.

The question is on the tip of your tongue, but you hold it in. You wouldn’t want to be questioned about something you’re so obviously trying to forget. So you let it go, but watch carefully, hoping that it’s truly over with. And when she smiles at you after having caught you staring, you know, that she won’t just be fine – she’ll be glorious. With those defining marks on her body, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

He’s laughing, shaking his head in amused exasperation with his friends. He’s always the happy one, the one you can count on every time to smile at you and say all will be well. He grins and waves at those around him, never withholding his greetings from anyone. You wonder what it would take to destroy his joy for life? More so than that however, you wonder what gave him this joy in the first place? Then time seems to stop for a few seconds, as everyone around him disappears, and his eyes jump to the door.

You’ve never seen him smile like that. Suddenly, as his eyes sparkle with light and absolute joy, you realize he’s the most breathtaking person you’ve ever seen. He’s looking at the man who just walked in as if he himself strung up the stars and lit the sun. You sigh as, finally, you understand what makes him beautiful. You meet the other man’s gaze as he remains by the door and he tilts his head at you, letting you know that he is fully aware of how lucky he is to have such a magnificent man in his life.

They stand next to you and proudly reveal the curly design inked onto their shoulder blade. The intricate curves and fancy swirls direct your gaze in circles until you feel almost dizzy despite standing still. It’s an impressively complex pattern, exquisite in its uniqueness. You raise your hand as if to follow the contours with your fingers, almost entranced, but stop yourself at the last second.

They glance over their shoulder and nod, knowing what you need to do. You feel tears fill your eyes and for a second close them, pushing the tears out. You wish you could know how it feels to be so powerful and so resplendent that you could proudly display that which represents something meant to tear you down and crush you. And yet, here they are exposing it for the world to see and daring it to judge them. They are the blaze you need. They are majestic.