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Berdan's Binge Watching Corner #6


Dear readers, my name is Berdan and I would like to welcome you to my binge-watch corner. As for today, I will monthly update you with the best recommendations when it comes to binge-watching. Whether it’s movies or series, whether it’s comedy or horror, drama or science fiction; you’ll find all of it over here on the EmbrACE online magazine. So, jump in, and join me on my crazy ride through the land of Netflix. Who wouldn’t want to live there?


Binge #6: American Horror Story – Coven

Wait! I know what you’re thinking: "I'm not gonna watch a messed-up horror show, so, bye." But this is more than that. American Horror Story is an amazingly intriguing combination of art, psychopathology, love, the extraterrestrial, crime, sex, and… well, guess what? Horror, baby. AHS is yet another anthology series, meaning that you can start with whatever season you like. That couldn’t be anything else than a gift from God, or rather from he who must not be named. And no, I do not mean Lord Voldemort. Calm down, Harry Potter fans.

Obviously, there are too many seasons for me to cover in a single article but I definitely want to discuss my favorite one. I’m talking about season 3’s Coven, which literally means ‘witch-community’. Starring Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, and Gabourey Sidibe, Coven is the most spellbinding season, literally and figuratively.

One of the things that appealed to me the most is the scenery: the historically enchanting city of New Orleans, Louisiana. This season showcases New Orleans’ wicked but true stories about the slavery that occurred around 1834. Madame Delphine LaLaurie – who was more than just a slave-keeper at that time – enters the present world due to an uncanny fertility potion she thought was harmless in the first place. As Fiona Goode bewitches two men to dig up her grave near the old mansion where Madame Delphine LaLaurie used to live, she uncovers a locked casket with LaLaurie in it. Oh, by the way, Fiona Goode is the Supreme. That means she’s in charge… of literally everything. She guides a few girls who discovered their capability of witchcraft at Miss Robichaux’s Academy for exceptional ladies, along with her daughter Cordelia Foxx; the headmistresses.

Let me introduce you to these extraordinary girls. First off, there’s Zoe, who’s the newest member of the academy and never had the intention to join. She just wanted a healthy relationship with her boyfriend, which all went well until she had sex with him for the first time, ha-ha. Then, the supposed superstar: Maddison Montgomery, fantastically played by Emma Roberts. Besides witchcraft, Madison partakes in bitchcraft more often. She’s the mean version of Matilda, who was famous for her powers in telekinesis. So, this witch-bitch can move things with her mind, like a bus. One of her fellow sisters is Nan. She may not seem bright to you but she knows exactly what you’re thinking so, stop judging. Lastly, there’s Queenie. I don’t need to say anything more than the fact that she’s a living, human voodoo doll. Such a lovely gal squad, isn’t it? Sabrina the Teenage Witch got nothing on them. 

Each year, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk come up with another mind-blowing storyline for a new season of AHS. You could perhaps visit the Murder House (SE1), escape the Asylum (SE2), or check into the Hotel (SE5) with Lady Gaga. Go ahead, open Netflix and pick a path. It doesn’t matter where you start; it’s gonna be a blood bath either way.

[ activates evil laugh sound effect ]