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What You Did Not Know About Double Degrees


They can be anything.

What do you mean anything?

You can do as many programmes as you like.

Wait, but aren’t there specific double degrees at Erasmus University?

Yes. There is the double degree with philosophy for the Business and Economics faculties, then there is the Law/Economics and the Econometrics/Economics Bsc2.

I don’t get it…so those are all my options for two degrees then?

Some of your options. See, as long as you have the appropriate school leaving certificate and grades you can apply for a second programme and do both simultaneously.

Do you have any examples?

Yes, I know someone taking International Relations at Leiden and Law in Rotterdam. I myself do communications and economics, both at Erasmus University.

How do you even apply?

Remember the wonderful site studielink? Just repeat what you did for the first year, but for another programme of your choice. Read the guidelines from the university and degree you want to apply to and then fulfil their requisites.

Is that it?


What about the money though? I don’t want to pay double.

That’s the beauty of it, it is free, kind of.

Kind of?

The university fee is flat so as long as you pay the basic fee you can do as many courses as you want. This even includes courses at other universities, even if you want to study a subject in Rotterdam and another one in Amsterdam, you only pay the fee to one university.

Doesn’t the government only subsidise the first degree and then charge the more expensive institutional fee?

You’re absolutely right unless you are a non-permanent resident non-EU student, they pay the institutional fee no matter what their case is.

So you were lying to me before?

Nope. There is an exception for these situations. As long as you start your second study while doing the first and do not take pauses, you keep paying the basic fee, even after finishing the first degree.

But the timetable, don’t the studies overlap?

Good question! Yes, they might.

But there is mandatory attendance to most courses, what about that?

Doing more than one course is normally seen as a decent enough excuse for your study advisor to request specific tutorial groups to avoid overlap.

Cool, I am going to register for ten courses then.

That’s the spirit! But before you do, you should consider if you are legitimately able to handle all the extra work. You might end up burnt out and doing horribly in all of your courses.

So why are you telling me this?

Having to choose a single course straight after secondary school can be tough, then when you get to university you might not feel fulfilled. After all, most courses are not that flexible. Taking a second course could help you study other subjects you are interested in.

Cool. Thank you for the info.

You’re welcome and good luck!