EmbrACE Magazine

Sara's Gallery #1


Hi everybody,

Since I am new to the EmbrACE Committee, I would like to introduce my Gallery to you. Ever since I was young, I have been passionate about all kinds of art. That is why, every time it is my turn to write an online column for ACE, I will make a drawing and write down a short motivation behind it. In this way, I hope to inspire others and to keep up with drawing during my university life!

So for my first online column, I have decided to draw the following piece. As might stand out to you at first, it is a face – although it seems not to have been quite finished yet. Looking at it more closely, you will discover that there are actually multiple faces in the drawing. A face looking sideways from the viewer, and another seemingly misplaced eye, all having been drawn pretty roughly with lines and scratches sticking out everywhere.

What I mean to emphasise with this is that we as humans are constantly evolving, transforming and in motion. One of my first courses at Erasmus University actually inspired me to do something like this, as a part of the course discussed identities and how there is no human being with a foundation or a root for their identity. In other words, people do not possess one sole identity, but their identities are therefore continuously being shaped, created and altered as they encounter experiences throughout their lifetimes.

Therefore, this drawing captures someone’s creation of multiple identities or the transformations into them. Another way in which you could interpret it is as a person who is consciously and actively searching for an identity to hold on to. Speaking about personal experiences, I have recently found myself in a lot of situations in which I did not exactly know what to do or how to behave during my first few months at university. It is such a different environment compared to any I have been in before and I think a lot of my fellow first-year students and others who think back of this time in their lives can relate.

However, I feel like everything is finally falling into place piece by piece now that everything is becoming more familiar and I become more acquainted with the ways it goes over here. I hope you all come to feel that way as well, no matter what identity-transforming phase of life you are going through at the moment, and that you can peacefully get ready for the next one.

Until next time, with a new drawing,