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Robin's Magical Horoscope #1



The beginning of this month proves to be a welcome change for all of us, as the planet of love Venus moves out of Scorpio retrograde. October might have made you examine your close relationships because of these planetary movements, but as Venus moves into Libra in November, you will find a more balanced and fair outlook in love and relationships soon. 


Aries: You are the first sign of the zodiac, and are known for your ambition and enthusiasm, but you are also feared for your moodiness and aggression. This month will prove to be bit more difficult as Uranus moves in retrograde into your fiery sign. Uranus is the planet of profound changes, and Uranus in Aries has always meant big worldwide changes felt by all. On a more personalized scale, it is possible that this month will bring to light a big revelation or will force you to make an important decision.

Mars, your ruling planet, will move into Pisces on the 15th which will force you to reflect upon yourself. Be sure to listen to your intuition.


Taurus: In general, you are one of the most down-to-earth and steady signs of the zodiac. Spending your night ordering take-out and watching Netflix is your most profound selfcare ritual. But as headstrong as you bulls are, you can also transform into the most explosive people. Especially this month, during Scorpio season and with a Scorpio Sun moving into your relationships, you might feel like you are more confrontational than usual. You might get into fights easier and feel like you have to take an effort not to yell at people.

However, as you might sometimes be a bit too laid-back in your relationships with other people, so this will prove to be a welcome change and might even be beneficial.


Gemini: Mercury, your ruling planet, will move into Sagittarius in retrograde this month. Even astrology-novices know that planets in retrograde mean bad things. This is not the time to make commitments or do big purchases. Put some of your projects on the backburner, as they could prove more of a challenge this month.

However, because of the shift in planets in November, you will notice changes in your friendships and romantic relations. If you run into an old friend or ex-friend with benefits, make sure to save their new number and follow them on Instagram, because they might come back into your life with more positive intentions.

This month will also bring you creativity and as a Gemini, you feed of the chaotic and hectic energy of Scorpio season. Make sure to ride the waves of energy until the end of the month.


Cancer: This month, the new moon in Scorpio arrives in your fifth house, which is all about love and creativity. New moons always bring major opportunities with them, so artists among us will experience a big boost in creativity and finally will be able to finish that project. For Cancers with broken or lonely hearts, this month will finally show you the light at the end of the tunnel and you might even meet someone new!

Neptune is in your house of distant travel and will be in direct contact with the Sun and the new moon.This month might see you make a fun roadtrip or go abroad to flex on people on Instagram. This house also rules the campus setting, so for Cancers that are broke: you will see a boost in academic ambition in November.


Leo: Dear lions, I know we are the most vain and attention-seeking sign of the zodiac, but let’s face it: we are the kings of the jungle. However, I know we all love focussing on our exterior, but with Venus, the planet of love and beauty, in retrograde, it is better to postpone a new hairstyle until November 16.

The new moon will be in your house of home and family, so if you’re looking to spend some money at Ikea, this is your chance. You might feel a bit homesick this month, so make sure to visit or Skype your parents.

Jupiter, the planet of good luck and gifts, is moving into Sagittarius, your fifth house of true love. And he will stay for a loooooong 13 months. So lucky us, because this means there is a big chance of meeting a new long term life partner. But be aware: this meeting will not happen at work, but either at a party or a social event. However, as Leos, it’s not like we aren’t at parties almost every day.


Virgo: Dear Virgo, I know you are very sensitive, but I have some bad news for you. Venus, your ruling planet, will be moving into retrograde this November. This only means that your normal, stable and calm life will experience extreme waves in love. It doesn’t mean that all will be negative, but single Virgos might want to reject potential one night stands, and Virgos in relationships need to watch their temper when it comes to fights with their significant other. Especially during Scorpio season, when you will find it a bit hard to unravel others’ emotions. Normally you are the essential mom friend, but with your own judgement clouded and your friends more on the edge, it might be better to leave them alone, so you can ponder over your own emotions and do some retrospective meditating.


Libra: Venus, the planet of love, is in your sign this month! Bad news: it’s retrograde. New developments in your lovelife are on the horizon. As a Libra, you are a careful and sometimes indecisive person, but this month will see you make bigger decisions in terms of romance and love. Because of Venus in retrograde, these changes might explode in your face, but don’t despair. Every situation is fixable, and Libra’s are good at comforting themselves with luxury and buying a lot of new clothes and good (expensive) food.

Mercury, your ruling planet, is in Sagittarius, which will make you a bit more straightforward and risk-taking in your life. For example, starting a new project or getting involved in a new group of people. But make sure that you do not start drowning next month by taking on too much. Be aware of your limitations!


Scorpio: We are now in Scorpio season. The mysterious and sometimes explosive aura of this month is completely suited to your personality. But you are a fickle and intense water sign, so for the other signs this month may prove to be a challenge. On the other hand, you are the person that cuts away all the bullshit and even though your opinions can be brutal, they are true. Which is also what this season will bring for you: enough opportunities where you can be your way too honest self, but for some reason, it all works out in a positive way.

The first part of the month, Jupiter will move into your sign as well. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Scorpio is all about sexuality, death and power. So these subjects might move to the forefront in your life as well. However, Scorpios are all about the saying ‘more is more’, and with the expansive Jupiter coming in line with you, you run the risk of crossing the line of interest and veering deep into an obsessive episode.


Sagittarius: This month the planet Mercury will move into retrograde into your sign. As the planet of day-to-day communication, this means that there will be certain things you have to keep in mind. As a Sagittarius, you can be blunt and unfocused on the details when making plans or when you are involved in projects. However, you are also a visionary. This month will make you more aware of the people around you and how you form relationships. Because of your adventurous nature, you might take this month as an opportunity to meet new people as well. If you keep in mind your communicative pitfalls, bonds formed this month will be stronger and will last longer. However, because of the retrograde, this could also mean that if you jump into new friendships without preparation, it might turn out bad. For IBCoM students with a sign in Sagittarius this will also mean that this month will bring you fortune in your academic life if you keep yourself in check. At the end of the month, your season begins and will give you a new burst of energy and adventurous vibes.


Capricorn: You are the most serious and dependable sign of the zodiac. I should know with Capricorn in my moon and rising. However, this cold exterior sometimes means that people feel intimidated. The sun in Scorpio will connect with Pluto in Capricorn on November 11, which will bring you amazing networking opportunities. Be sure to add people you meet this day to your contact list, as they might offer you new professional and academic opportunities.

Mercury in retrograde in Sagittarius comes just as Venus retrograde ends. Good news for your love life, but don’t immediately call up your ex, because Mercury in retrograde will urge you to take some major me-time. From November 16 on, make sure to plan a fun trip or just schedule in daily naps, as you need a lot of rest.


Aquarius: In the first half of the month, Mars will move into your sign. As the planet of action, this means that exciting things and plans will come your way. You can be a bit scatterbrained, even though you always succeed in the long haul. But with this planet coming your way, you will start succeeding on the short term. If you have big projects coming up this month, or deals closing, you are certain that they will have a positive result for you. But only as long as you actually take action, and don’t fall back into your passive, aloof attitude.

As Mars moves away around November 15, you might feel a bit more limited as you are an incredibly independent and progressive person. But you need to stop dreaming big and think a bit more realistically about your life situation, especially as the dreamer-planet Neptune moves in your direction.


Pisces: The planet of imagination Neptune will be in your sign in November. As a Pisces you might be a bit too much involved in daydreaming and making up scenarios in your head.

However, as Neptune moves into your sign, you might see that your dreaming state transcends into real life. Things you make up in your head will start to develop in your daily routine as well.

It’s the season of your fellow water sign, Scorpio. However, you are a peace-loving dreamer and Scorpio’s often are… not. Even though the psychic vibes you share as water signs will be extremely present this month, make sure to not let these interfere too much with your own aura.