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Berdan's Binge Watching Corner #9


“One question: Where am I? Who are you? And what’s going on?”

Okay, maybe more than one question but I completely get it. Imagine waking up, being somewhere totally unfamiliar and looking at a sign in front of you that says: Welcome! Everything is fine. Well, this is the life of Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) or should I say… the afterlife? Because Eleanor is not really here. I mean ‘there’. I mean ‘alive’. She died. Eleanor is dead. 

Eleanor is now part of The Good Place, unlike The Bad Place, where all the rock stars go. Every single one of Eleanor’s actions ultimately resulted into some amount of ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Only the people with the highest scores end up in The Good Place, according to Michael, the architect of the heavenly neighbourhood Eleanor is living in.

In The Good Place, Eleanor also meets her soulmate because who else are you going to meet in actual heaven? His name is Chidi, Chidi Anagonye, not to be confused with Anakendrick (you’ll get this joke once you watch the show). Chidi seems to be completely opposite from Eleanor, as he studies moral philosophy and wouldn’t harm a single fly. Unlike Chidi, Eleanor is a bit direct but, to be honest, that’s a big understatement. Eleanor is rude, she’s sadistic and loves her daily doses of sarcasm. Now, you’re probably thinking: “How in the name of ____ did she deserve a spot in The Good Place?”

She didn’t *gasps in angelic gospel-tone*. She’s here by mistake and she is definitely not the real Eleanor Shellstrop. I guess even heaven has its flaws… Anyway, it’s all fine. Let’s just pretend Eleanor is part of the whole gang. She can just act like a nice person and nobody will notice, right?

Sike, you’re wrong. If there is something that Eleanor is absolutely incapable of, it’s keeping her shirt together. Yes, shirt because in The Good Place your swearwords are automatically changed into ordinary words as you speak. So, it’s bullshirt, motherforker, son of a bench and ash-hole. Heaven doesn’t seem as appealing now as it did in the first place, does it?

Back to the story. Eleanor makes a complete mess of The Good Place, she literally screws up heaven and not a lot of people can say that. Unlike everybody else in the universe, Eleanor is actually kind of proud of her accomplishment until shirt goes down. The Good Place turns into a broken system with unanticipated creatures and occurrences. It’s so bad, even Michael – the father of this holy neighbourhood – doesn’t know what to do. 

Want to know what happens next? Join Eleanor and her ‘friends’ and check out three divine seasons of The Good Place, now available on Netflix.