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Berdan's Binge Watching Corner #8


Dear readers, my name is Berdan and I’d like to welcome you to my binge-watch corner. Here, I will provide you with monthly updates including the best recommendations when it comes to binge-watching. Whether it’s movies or series; whether it’s comedy or horror; drama or science fiction, you’ll find it all over here on the EmbrACE online magazine. So, jump in, and join me on my crazy ride through the land of Netflix. Who wouldn’t want to live there?

Binge #8: Élite

By Berdan You adore them. You want to look like them. You want to be them… but are they as elitist from the inside as from the outside? The cast of the new Netflix hit series Élite is gorgeous in every way possible. They seem to obtain solely one identity; one personality. Yet, as you go through the show, the multiple layers of the characters get peeled off, episode by episode. Only then you will see that they are more than just the principal’s son, a spoiled mean girl, or a scarfed student – and only then you will realize you are much closer to them than you thought, initially.

Lately, everyone has been talking about it. There must’ve been someone in your class fangirling and asking with the thickest American accent possible, “Have you seen this new Spanish show called Élite?!” To be honest, I don’t blame them. To be very honest, I am that someone in your class fangirling. because this show is intimate, dark, and deliciously dramatic. In between the telenovela-moments, serious personal issues arise; issues involving matters that are often seen as a taboo, which is one of the most precious things about Élite. Not many series include characters such as an HIV-positive it-girl and a closeted homosexual in a Muslim family. Élite creates awareness and shows us that anything can happen to anyone, doesn’t matter whether you are part of the upper class or whether you are not. We are all human beings and we shouldn’t define ourselves based on the unfairly hierarchical – often inevitable– system of society.

Sex, drugs, alcohol, love, murder and suspense… it has it all, in different shapes and forms. One of the things you may experience while watching Élite is that it lets you face your true prejudices, because what is the point of judging and radiating negative energy when some things will never change? For instance, what do you have against an open relationship when you’re not even involved? Why judge the now innocent ex-inmate? Why envy the prettiest girl in class? It is because we are humans with thoughts, emotions, and an infinite number of perspectives. We might not agree with one’s lifestyle but we have to respect and accept each other; a wise lesson Élite and its loving characters try to teach us.

So, put those biases into the freezer and brace yourselves, ‘cause you’re in for a scandalous ride. Watch the first season of Élite with eight amazing episodes, now, sólo en Netflix. P.S. Make sure to follow the cast on Instagram for some snacks.

Credits to my dear friend Sabrina Norish Schouten (IG @sabrina.schouten) for her help and for forcing me to aggressive-obsessively watch the show.