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Berdan's Binge Watching Corner #11


Binge #11: Wie is de Mol? (The Mole)

To stay in the theme of the weirdest month a year with a lack of days, and also because I needed an excuse to finally put this gem of a TV-show in the spotlight, this month’s binge-watch corner will cover a life-sized saboteur game. I’m talking about the one and only… Wie… is… de Mol? 

You’re probably thinking: “What the heck?!”, aren’t you? Good! Because this show is all about mind-boggling moments that make you question humanity in every episode. First of all, just to calm you down: no, this show is not on Netflix; yes, it is available for you to watch on YouTube; and yes, English subtitles are provided.

I am extremely stoked to finally introduce you to my all-time favorite Dutch TV-show that I have been watching since I was 11 years old. Wie is de Mol? is about ten contestants (Dutch celebs, such as Nikkietutorials) who travel to a random country where they complete tasks in order to earn money, but one of them doesn’t want to, and that’s the mole; the saboteur…

Wie is de Mol? is an original, invented by the Flemish (thank you, Belgium) with millions of viewers glued to their screens every week. A TV-show full of suspense, amazing scenery, the most out thought and insane games, and many double-u-tee-eff moments. This year the candidates travelled off to the country of Colombia with its beautiful people and its balance between booming city life and stunning nature as the set of the show. During each episode, three mini-games are being played within the bigger game. These games always make sure my brain is on the verge of exploding as I crack my head over the creativity behind them. After the mini-games, the contestants make a test that contains 20 questions about the identity and actions of the mole. They have to figure out who the saboteur is, but it’s not that easy because every-freaking-body either acts suspicious by accident or “by accident”, if you get what I mean. The contestant with the most wrong-answered questions has to go home. Sounds a bit like exams at uni, doesn’t it? Although, in Wie is de Mol? the contestants get a green or a red screen during – what they call – the execution. I know, dramatic, right?

Give it a try, and you’ll thank me later. Since we are the international faculty association ACE, I have provided a link for you that brings you to the YouTube channel of this wonderful person that uploaded many seasons with English subtitles! Be aware to watch the episodes in chronological order, because you don’t want to find out who the mole is in episode 2, trust me.

Enjoy, and remember: trust nobody