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A mental spring clean


A mental spring clean 

Throwing away that cardboard box that has been there since new year’s, wiping the dust from behind the shelf, cleaning the windows crusty from the winter rain. Spring cleaning is not just about organizing and tidying physical spaces; it holds a metaphorical significance that extends beyond the realm of material possessions. By delving into the depths of our mental and emotional clutter, we can uncover a valuable lesson: the act of decluttering our minds we foster focus, clarity, and productivity to get through the last weeks of this fourth and final term.

Our minds are often burdened with clutter – a cacophony of worries, negative thoughts, and distractions. Whether it is that assignment due, the video waiting to be cut, the next event or the person you just cannot get out of your head. Just as a cluttered physical space can hinder our ability to function efficiently, mental clutter weighs us down. I like to think of it like a room with all this stuff lying around. While everything is still there, through the chaos it takes ages to find what you are looking for and it looks something like the opposite of cosy. With all this clutter in my mind, I struggle to find the information I am looking for – caught under this heavy blanket of dusty clutter which makes me move slowly and heavily.

Much like physically decluttering a space, mental spring cleaning involves intentional and systematic efforts to cleanse our minds. We need to put the things away that take up so much unnecessary space in our minds and wipe the windows to see the sun shine through them again. This process of reflection, self-awareness, and conscious decision-making comes in many ways. Whether it is talking about a problem, taking time for yourself or sitting down with some friends to take a breather. It requires us to identify the sources of mental clutter – whether they be self-doubt, unresolved conflicts, or excessive commitments – and take proactive steps to address and resolve them.

When we rid our minds of unnecessary clutter, we create an environment conducive to productivity and creativity. With increased focus and mental clarity, we become better equipped to tackle challenges, develop innovative ideas, and achieve our goals. A decluttered mind allows us to prioritize effectively, manage our time efficiently, and approach tasks with a fresh perspective.

The last term of this first year has been hitting me hard, with assignments piling up on my desk on top of all the other things I am filling my days with. And I soon came to discover how much not only a clear space enhances my productivity but how to create order in my mind again . Every feeling and thought has its value or place but at some point, you have to either deal with it or put it away – just letting it sit there is not as sustaining option. A clear mind works better, but to achieve this cleanliness you have to work for it just the same as a clean apartment.

In a world saturated with information and distractions, the value of spring cleaning goes beyond simply organizing physical spaces. By decluttering our minds, we can unlock a world of possibilities. Let all your thoughts in – but feel them and think them though instead of letting them rot in a semi-conscious corner of your mind. Create space for what you need to concentrate on right now. It is the last term of the year – summer is coming, we are almost there.