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Filling your own cup


Filling your own cup

Lately, I have been paying more attention to myself, making sure I feel as good as I can in my skin. Selfcare has really become a priority for me because I truly believe you cannot pour from an empty cup. When I do not feel good in my own skin, I cannot be there for my friends and family to love or support them, because I am too busy worrying about myself. I used to think self-care was selfish, but my perception changed, and I want to share some things that helped me, and still help me feel good.

  1. Taking time to recharge

This is something I wish I did a lot more. One thing about me, I am always in a hurry or running late. I wish I could say I fixed this habit, but unfortunately, I cannot. I do, however try to plan more time for activities in my days. I try to sit down while eating, instead of rushing and stuffing my mouth with food that doesn’t nurture me. Taking time for my skincare in the morning and evening, reading, and wearing clothes that feel comfortable also helps me to feel my best.


  1. Having a hygiene routine that works for me and gives me energy

I love to come home, light some candles in the bathroom, grab a cup of tea, shower only with candlelight (trust me on this one, it is amazing), do my skincare, put on a moisturising lotion, get cosy in my pyjamas and go to bed. This routine gives me so much energy and makes me feel very relaxed, ready for a new day.

  1. Being creative

In the past few months, I have tried to be more creative, even though I never really felt like a creative person when I was younger. Creativity for me involves drawing, painting, reading, writing, rhyming, singing, dancing, making clothes or styling outfits, crafting etc. Doing these activities clears my mind in a way nothing else does.

  1. Being alone

I am an extroverted person, I love to talk to people and most of the time, I feel like a social butterfly. But there are not many things that I love more than being alone. Staying in to read, sleep, or do absolutely nothing is one of my favourite ways to spend my days. And by this I don’t mean you shouldn’t go out and have fun, I just mean you can absolutely say no when you don’t feel like going out with or to your friends for whatever reason. In my friend group, not feeling like hanging out is a legitimate reason to not come, and we never take this personal, which I am very grateful for. Setting boundaries is so important, because if you don’t do it for yourself, no one will.

When reading this, please don’t be fooled. These are things I try, but they don’t always succeed. I, as every human ever, have times I feel too drained to do my skincare, make-up, read, or even to do anything. And this is fine too. Don’t compare your life or habits to mine or anyone else’s you see on social media. Everyone has setbacks, but the only thing that matters is to get going again.