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Get hooked on crocheting


Get hooked on crocheting

A guide on how to finally start crocheting!

I can imagine that with me, many of you have recently been seeing videos, reels and
TikTok’s on crocheting. Over the past few months I had been following people on Instagram
who regularly showed their hand made crochet pieces and had even watched tutorials, and
while being very excited and motivated to pick up this new hobby, it was also something I
dreaded. It had always looked complicated, time consuming, and quite expensive. When
staying with my parents for two weeks for Christmas I finally picked up crocheting, and I’m
so happy I did! I will give you some tips on how to start crocheting, some tips on crocheting
while being on a budget and will share some of the profiles and people that have given me

For me starting crocheting was fun mostly because I did it together with my sister, we were
both at home and had much time on our hands. I would recommend finding someone who
either has some experience or who wants to start this new hobby together with you. This will
motivate the both of you. You can share your progress with the other, ask each other your
questions when something goes wrong and be proud of each other and encourage each
other. You can even start a little club with friends and host a weekly/monthly get together
and crochet together while having some snacks and tea. Very wholesome.

Use YouTube for inspiration and tutorials. YouTube is full of useful and clear tutorials that
guide you through every difficulty and step in the process of learning to crochet. Some
YouTube videos are clearer and more useful than others, so just look for the one you find
most helpful. The first piece I made was a balaclava and I was happy with the outcome, so I
can recommend this as a first project. However, marking a square is a good first project as
well, and a bit easier!

For yarn and crochet hooks you can best go to Zeeman, they have a wide range of colors,
and types of wool. They have cotton, acrylic and wool yarn, and also sell some yarns made
of recycles cotton. They also sell many different sizes of crochet hooks, and all very
affordable. You can also get your materials from Pipoos, where the staff is very happy to
assist you in finding the right materials. However, do note that their products are more

And lastly some inspirational instagrammers!

I hope I have motivated some of you to start crocheting and my last tip is to just give it a try
and not get demotivated when you make mistakes or your pieces don’t turn out the way you
want them! If you give it some time I promise that you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll begin to
find it a relaxing and satisfying activity!