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IBCoM-Awards 2021


IBCoM-Awards 2021!

After three years, the long-awaited IBCoMawards came back, even bigger and better than before! On Thursday 25 November 2021, the central library of Rotterdam was turned into a gold and black extravaganza, welcoming many IBCoM students to a magical evening. The night could not have been more special with the two amazing hosts, Magali Meijers and Imran Persaud. Before the awards started, the students, and teachers, were able to meet up and commemorate the night in front of a golden curtain and letters spelling out ‘IBCoMawards’.

Shortly before the celebration took place, crowds started filling up the main lobby. People showed up in flashy outfits and everyone seemed to be in high spirits. EmbrACE had a chance to talk to some candidates and listen to them sharing their thoughts. Ms Debora Ramos Antunes da Silva, one nominee for the ‘Most Inspiring IBCoM teacher’ award, expressed her sheer ecstasy over being nominated by her own students and her great expectations about the night. “I expect to laugh a lot”, she said cheerfully.

Festivities officially began after the opening speech, which was followed by an enthralling musical performance. Then came the night’s highlight: titles that could only be found at “The IBCoM Awards” were finally bestowed upon their deserving owners. “The Most Successful Slacker” was won by Defne Şerbetçioğlu. “The IBCoMedian” was given to Neville Lala, that one ‘class clown’ recognized by all his peers. “The Best Lab Partner”, that one person certified as everyone’s right-hand man in handling assignments, went to Satah Fletcher, who made everyone crack up saying: “To all the slackers nominated tonight, you’re welcome”. People again burst into laughter when “The Best Summary Writer”, Giovanna Bressan de Oliveira, jokingly disclaimed all responsibility for high plagiarism percentages in written exams. “Best Style Icon” was given to Imran Persaud, MC of the night, and “The Most Inspiring Teacher” went to Ms Chiara Modugno, who said that this award “makes her heart”. And the list goes on. The MC duo also completed the show with their witty comments and wonderful looks. They definitely fed the audiences’ interest with interactive sessions such as the confession activity, in which hilarious untold anecdotes were shared and the room was filled with endless gales of laughter.

I can say for certain that although the night flew so fast, it left a lasting impression in all attendees. This year’s organization Committee succeeded to keep everyone in high spirits until the very last moments, so next year’s award is very eagerly anticipated. The event was also a rare get-together occasion, where IBCoMers got to see their friends, and possibly themselves, getting nominated for pretty crazy awards and spend time with people they identify with. To people who plan to go there next year, this is why it will become an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience of yours!