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Tips and Tricks for Job Interviews


About the Author

Kate Archbold is currently obtaining her Masters in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship, after spending the last three years as an IBACS student. She likes international adventures, reading, movies and window-shopping online. Has mastered the arts of definitely not remaining calm, preaching what is politically correct when drunk on homemade pornstar martinis and making the most delicious brownies (fact!).

Tips and Tricks for Job Interviews


As hinted at in previous articles I have written for EmbrACE, I am shockingly close to entering the world of “real” adult jobs. Thus, while finalising my Master Thesis, my second priority was scouring the Internet for any jobs that I find remotely appealing and - let’s be honest - am slightly under qualified to do. The majority of companies I have applied to have emphasised the latter when they rejected me, but when every entry-level job requires 2 years minimum of experience, what is a girl to do? Luckily, I have been invited to one first round of job interviews. Therefore, I called a connection who works in HR (you know the people who decide your faith after having a look at your motivation letter and resume) for tips and tricks for my first ever “adult” interview. Everyone reading this might be in a similar situation currently or in the near future. So here are some of the tips and tricks that were shared with me:

  1. Rather an obvious one, but know everything there is to know! Both on the company as well as the function you have applied to. Often HR will inform you with who your job interview will be with - look them up on LinkedIn (protip: log out of LinkedIn prior to doing so, so that they can not be informed of your research/borderline stalking).

  2. Have answers ready beforehand, this way you will be capable of providing eloquent, well thought out answers. Particularly think of how you can convey why you want to specifically work for THIS company at THIS function. More so, try to sell why YOU specifically should work for THIS company at THIS function. Trust me, a job interview is not the time to be humble; mention your achievements and aspirations.

  3. Anticipate questions, such as “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” or “What is your biggest achievement?”. One of the pro tips conveyed to me regarding the latter question is that the answer does not have to be related to anything professional or academic. Tell them about moving to another country at a young age (something I know can apply to many of you) or climbing the Kilimanjaro the same year you graduated secondary school (something I feel applies to a lot less of you…).

  4. Use formal titles throughout the interview (unless they requested you do otherwise). More so, yet this does not really apply to the English language, but use “u”, “Sie”, and “Vous” and other equivalents throughout as well (unless requested otherwise of course). 

  5. Ask questions in return. Maybe even think of some in advance (i.e. what will office life look like at this company during/after COVID-19). If your previously thought up questions have been answered during the interview and you fail to think of any additional ones in the moment just tell the truth and exclaim: “I think you answered all my questions during the interview!”

  6. Be enthusiastic! You are trying to sell yourself as being the right fit for the position, the team as well as the company. If you have an anecdote connected to the function or company then do share it! It shows enthusiasm as well as portrays what kind of wonderful human being you are. That being said, be yourself! The point is for these people to be your future colleagues they will find out your true colours in the end anyway, plus you are awesome, so why hide it!

  7. Relax! At the end of the day, the interview is also for you to see if you are a fit for this company and the function.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Even though the majority of these tips and tricks are straightforward and unsurprising, they might be useful for you sooner or later. Good luck with any future job interviews and have a wonderful summer!