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Quarantivities in Rotterdam


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Salome Balderrabano is currently living in Delfshaven with her cat Manatee. While in the final year of her Arts & Culture Bachelor she writes for EmbrACE about the things that she loves. Ranging from local cultural activities, human rights and literature to the technology of the future, space and everything that is awesome. In her free time, she enjoys and organizes Dubstep parties and her favorite cultural hub to hang out is WORM.


Quarantivities in Rotterdam

We find ourselves in another lockdown. While contaminations are going down, we can expect to be limited in our activities until at least mid-February. For this reason, I have decided to make a little list of things you can do during these times. Rotterdam is a wonderful city with much to offer, even now. If you wrap up warm enough, you should be able to enjoy these things alone or with your quarantine buddy!



Rewriters010 is an organization that maps out the street art scene in Rotterdam. Throughout six area’s in Rotterdam you can find a collection of artworks covering many walls. On their website you can find a quick overview of the routes, you can also download the Re-writers app for €1,- to access maps with the complete routes, including information on the artworks and commentary.


One of my personal favorites and still under construction: Boijmans van Beuningen’s new depot building. Though it is not yet finished, the building itself is already a true piece of art. Its unique architecture made it instantly iconic. Since the outside is completely covered with mirroring glass it also makes for a great photography setting. The Depot is situated in Museumpark, the communal ‘backyard’ of a few large art institutions. It is rather small, but it’s an oasis in the middle of the city and has a really diverse lay-out. The rose garden is especially beautiful when in bloom.



Some of you might be unaware of this, but Rotterdam has a beach! It is not directly linked to the city, the subway will get you there within an hour from anywhere in Rotterdam. You can go on a walk down the coastline or go sightseeing. The fresh open air is ideal for social distancing. Choose a day with low winds and dress warmly to get the best experience during the winter months.

TIP: Bring some snacks & hot chocolate in a thermos for a warming break.



If you don’t want to travel to immerse yourself in nature, you can always visit one on Rotterdam’s many parks. Though the city itself can be quite an urban jungle, there are a few parks hidden away in every area. I mentioned Museumpark in the middle of the city center earlier, but right on the other side of the Westzeedijk you can find ‘Het Park’. The Park is more spacious and has landscaping adapted to the season all year round. If Kralingse Bos in the North East of the city is too crowded for you, try Lage Bergse Bos, which is about 20 minutes farther North by bike. Another 10 minutes by bike will take you to Rottemeren. Here you can find a couple watchtowers spread over the area and a mountain biking track.
Check out the parks in your area if you’re looking for a quick stroll in nature.



In a limited capacity, the outdoor markets in Rotterdam are still open. Every Tuesday and Saturday you will find the largest one at Blaak. Besides your necessary fruits and veggies there are also many other stalls selling clothes and second-hand stuff! Why not treat yourself by buying some curiosa and shop for your vitamins at the same time? The prices are always good on the market, but if you go in the last hours you will find even more bargains and avoid the big crowds.



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