Volunteering project abroad

Outside the Netherlands
Arts & Culture, Communication and Media, History
Required language
Commences at
01 July 2021



AIESEC is a global network of people that believe youth leadership is not an option, but our responsibility. We believe this generation has the chance to shape the world. AIESEC develops responsible and entrepreneurial leaders today who will choose how the world is led tomorrow. We do this by providing life changing practical leadership experiences to ambitious students. Now the question is: will you join the movement?

“Bridge the gap between the Western and Arab culture”

The Nour project is an initiative by AIESEC in the Netherlands and aims to create mutual understanding between the Western and Arab culture. It is a set of special voluntary projects in the Middle East and Northern Africa region. In today’s society, we see a lot of Islamophobia: Intense dislike or fear of Islam and hostility or prejudice towards Muslims. This project aims to break through these stereotypes as you discover the beauty of the Arab culture. We do this by sending a number of highly motivated students to a country in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region twice a year.    Unique to these AIESEC volunteering opportunities are its Preparation and Reintegration programmes. Interested? Sign up now!

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