Buddy System

Our daily lives are significantly impacted by COVID-19 and the related regulations here in Rotterdam and the Netherlands. Many new and unprecedented obstacles are emerging for students, especially students who are new to Rotterdam and EUR, such as meeting new people and making meaningful connections. 

As a faculty association, we want our members to feel engaged, seen, and, most importantly, we want them to enjoy their time studying at the ESHCC. The current situation is making it harder, but not impossible. However, we want to make sure that we try everything to make these times easy.

Therefore, we have established a Buddy system. This system will work as follows: you sign up, and we will link you to another student from our faculty. You can sign up if you are looking for a buddy, conversationalist, a friend, a good company, or merely wanting to offer that to someone.

If this sparks your interest, you can sign up here.

If you have any questions, please send them to info@ifaace.nl

If you are worried about your well-being, please reach out to someone like a student adviser to a doctor. 

Take good care of yourself and others!