40th board of ACE

President: Demi Ravia
Secretary: Jildou Loskamp
Treasurer: Jeremy van Steenveldt
Public Affairs Manager: Julia Herkommer
Marketing Manager/Editor-in-Chief: Lara van der Maas

From left to right: Lara van der Maas, Jeremy van Steenveldt, Demi Ravia, Jildou Loskamp, Julia Herkommer


Demi Ravia



Hi! My name is Demi, and I am the President of the 40th board of I.F.A. ACE! As a President, I will need to have an overview of the association and make sure that the association’s values are respected at all times. I will make sure that everything runs smoothly, and I am the central point  of contact. I will also need to maintain and improve contacts with other associations throughout the year.

 A little bit about me: I am not from Rotterdam but from a small city in the south. I previously studied IBACS and I am currently doing a Master in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship, as well as a second Master's in Management in RSM. Last year I was part of the EXPO Committee, which I enjoyed so much! I wanted to enhance my university experience even more by joining the board this year. I will be the board representative of the EXPO Committee, Programme Committee, and the Eurekaweek Committee.                                                                      


Jildou Loskamp



Hey everyone! My name is Jildou and I am the Secretary of the 40th Board of I.F.A.  ACE. I am   a 21-year-old Arts & Culture student. Upcoming year will be my fourth year in ACE. I joined ACE when I moved from a small town in the east of the Netherlands to Rotterdam. In my three years  in ACE I have learned so much about communication, collaboration and leadership. I feel very fortunate that after all these years I can still be part of the ACE family. That is why I am really looking forward to this next step in my ACE career, as a board member!

As a Secretary I will be in charge of the email. So, if you ever wondered who is the face behind  all the emails you get from ACE, that would be me! Another one of my tasks that is more 'behind the scenes' is that I keep order in our ACE database. My goal for this year is to celebrate this Lustrum year to the fullest, especially now Corona allows us to be together again. I am the board representative for the Drinks Committee, Social Events Committee, Almanac Committee and Lustrum Committee. Additionally, I will be a board member of Studenten Geschiedenis Nederland (SGN).


Jeremy van Steenveldt



Hey! My name is Jeremy, I am a second year IBACS student, and I will function as Treasurer of the 40th board of I.F.A. ACE. This means that I will be controlling the finances in the upcoming year. I joined ACE last year as an active member for the Career Committee, mainly because I wanted to grow professionally and make some new friends in the meantime. After the successful Career Days last year, I am excited to help the committees with organizing their activities. 

Besides making sure the association is financially stable and our events are accessible to all members, I am also responsible and looking forward to passing on this mindset to the treasurers of the committees. I will be directly engaged in the Career Committee, the EXPO Committee,   and the Study Trip Committee.


Julia Herkommer



Hi everyone! My name is Julia, and I am the Public Affairs Manager and Vice President of the 40th board of I.F.A. ACE. After finishing my premaster last year, I now study Media, Culture and Society and my focus is on diversity, representation, and feminist research. I grew up in the beautiful mountains of Austria and moved to the flatland of Rotterdam 3 years ago. I do miss those mountains, especially skiing, hiking and the astonishing view.

I am excited for my tasks as the Public Affairs Manager, where one of my key roles will be  helping ACE aquire new sponsors, partners and grow further. Another crucial part of my role is the communication and collaboration with the ESHCC to ensure that, together, we cater to our students as best as we can. In addition, I am the president of the Acquisition Committee and the board representative of the Study Trip Committee and the Career Committee.


Lara van der Maas

marketing@ifaace.nl / editor-in-chief@ifaace.nl


Hi! My name is Lara, and I am the Marketing Manager and Editor-in-Chief of the 40th board of I.F.A. ACE. As Marketing Manager, I will be responsible for making ACE visible to the members and other parties through posting regularly on our social media channels, updating the website, creating merchandise and so on. Besides being this year’s Marketing Manager, I am also the Editor-in-Chief of the faculty magazine EmbrACE, and I will be responsible for leading the editorial team and making sure that everything operates accordingly. 

A little more about me. I am a second year IBCoM student. I am originally from a small village in the south of the Netherlands, but I have moved to Rotterdam, and I am enjoying it very much here. Last year, I joined the EmbrACE Committee because I wanted to meet more people and do  more besides just studying. I am very happy that I became an active member! Besides my role  as Marketing Manager and Editor-in-Chief I am the President of the Marketing Committee, the board representative of the EmbrACE Committee and the Short Trip Committee and a member of the National Council of Communication Sciences (NCCS).