39th Board of ACE

Maud Dik: President/ Editor-in-Chief
Soraya Amenou: Secretary
Bram van der Graaf: Treasurer
Brittney Jansen: Public Affairs Manager
Marketing Manager: Annika Walther

From left to right: Annika Walther, Soraya Amenou, Maud Dik, Bram van der Graaf, Brittney Jansen

Maud Dik

president@ifaace.nl / Editor-in-chief@ifaace.nl


Hello! My name is Maud, and I am the President and the Editor-in-Chief of the 39th board! As a President, I will need to have an overview of the association and maintain contacts with other associations during this upcoming year. While also making sure everything runs smoothly and is the central point of contact. As Editor-in-chief, I will be responsible for the realization of our faculty magazine, EmbrACE. The magazine will include articles written by students from all disciplines and the creative link between the faculty, our members, and the industries of history, culture, and communication. 

A little bit about myself, I am 22 years old and have been living in Rotterdam for 6 years now. At first, I studied at the Art Acadamy, but after three years, I decided that university was more my cup of tea. I am studying Arts & Culture right now. When I am not studying or working on ACE, I like to go into the city for some drinks or have a nice dinner. I am really excited about the upcoming year to see what events the committees come up with and meet all of you!


Soraya Amenou



Hi everyone! My name is Soraya, and I am the Secretary of the 39th board of ACE. I come from a relatively small village near Rotterdam. Since living in a city is much more exciting, I decided to move here when my friend offered me a room. Last year I was part of ACE's Short Trip Committee. Together with my fellow committee members, we organized a wonderful trip to Naples and Pompeii, just in time for the pandemic. I am currently in my second year of History, and I decided to specialize in economic history. Besides that, I am also following a course in Russian. 

I am very excited to be the Secretary of this year's ACE board. As Secretary, I will focus on keeping the member systems organized and work on improving the communication between the association and its members. My priorities are engaging our members in our association's developments and creating a more sustainable and professional environment. I will be the board representative of the Short Trip Committee, Drinks Committee, and Almanac Committee. Additionally, I will be a board member of SGN (Studenten Geschiedenis Nederland)! 


Bram van der Graaf



Hey! I’m Bram, and I am the Treasurer of the 39th Board, which means that I will maintain the finances of the association. Before I moved to Rotterdam to study IB History, I lived far away from the Randstad in a small town along the Dutch-German border. That was a long time ago because I am already in my third, and hopefully final, year of the bachelor program. My career within ACE started around the same time I started studying when I joined a small committee because I wanted to develop my professional skills while meeting new people, and simultaneously having a platform where my friends and I could hang out.

As the Treasurer of ACE, I intend to allocate funds for events so that the events stay accessible to all members and stimulate the committee treasurers to do the same. Committees I am involved indirectly as a board representative are the Career Committee, EXPO Committee, and the Study Trip Committee.


Brittney Jansen



Hi! My name is Brittney, and I will be the Public Affairs Manager of the 39th board! I am currently in my third year of IBACS, and I am interested in cultural economics! I am not from Rotterdam, but I have been living here for over two years. Last year I was part of the Drinks Committee, and because it was so much fun to interact with members and organize activities, I wanted to continue this and expand on it further. 

I am very enthusiastic about being the Public Affairs Manager of this year's board. I intend to keep on improving our communication with the faculty and explore possible collaborations that are interesting to our members. Next to that, I plan to expand our pool of partners. I am a board representative in the Career Committee, the Study Trip Committee, and the Programme Committee. 


Annika Walther



Hello everyone! My name is Annika, and I am the Marketing Manager of the 39th board! I’m originally from Germany, but I’ve lived in many cities, including Berlin, Toronto, Beijing, and Hong Kong. I am currently in my second year of IBCoM, which I am very passionate about! I joined ACE last year because I wanted to engage more with student life and enhance my university experience. I love to travel in my free time, try different foods, or chill with my friends or read a good book. 

I’m really excited and enthusiastic about being the Marketing Manager this year, and I want to focus on making ACE more visible. I can’t wait to work with the marketing committee towards achieving our goals. Additionally, I will be the board representative in the Social Events Committee and a member of the National Council of Communication Sciences!