38th Board of ACE

Dané van Hemert: Chairman/ Editor-in-Chief
Kai Chen: Secretary 
Albert Jan van Dalen: Treasurer/ Internal Relations Manager
Demi Heijboer: External Relations Manager/ Marketing Manager

From left to right: Kai Chen, Dané van Hemert, Albert Jan van Dalen, Demi Heijboer

Dané van Hemert

chairman@ifaace.nl / editorinchief@ifaace.nl


The Chairman is the one responsible for the overall functioning of the board, ensuring that communication runs smoothly and being a central point of contact. At all times, the Chairman needs to have a clear overview of the association, its members, and the schedules of the board members. The Chairman should throughout the entire year keep track of achievements towards the vision. In order to achieve our vision for the year 2019/2020, the Chairman should guide the ideas and ambitions of all board members into a unified direction. The 38th board has many ideas on how to achieve our goals, and thus it is necessary for the Chairman to ensure that these are streamlined and met with maintaining a good image and growth of the association. As the face of the association, she also maintains good contact and relationships with brother associations and third parties, and engages in networking. Moreover, the Chairman should build close ties with the members and ensure that they feel part of- and included in the entire association: with other members and during events.

The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for EmbrACE, which is the official magazine of the faculty (ESHCC). The magazine will include articles written by students from all disciplines and will be the creative link between the faculty, our members and the industries of history, culture and communication. Building on the structure laid out by former board members, all four EmbrACE issues will be created by the respective committee, which includes next to the Editor-in-Chief an editorial team and designer. The Editor-in-Chief takes care of the advertisers and acquisition of the magazine, in collaboration with the External Relations Manager. Furthermore, the Editor-in-Chief writes an article for each issue

About Dané

Dané van Hemert is the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of the 38th board of IFA ACE. She has nearly finished IBCoM, and is currently extending her bachelor into a fourth year in order to fulfill the board duties. She is originally from Almelo, The Netherlands, but has been living in Rotterdam since she started at EUR. Her main interests are music, traveling, and international relations. Ever since her first year in Rotterdam, Dané has been an active member of ACE and is fully committed to giving members an awesome ACE experience this year. She is enthusiastic and motivated to create fun memories with members, to organize quality events with the committees, and to deliver four creative EmbrACE issues! 

Kai Chen



The Secretary is responsible for managing all written internal and external communication of the association, which includes writing the newsletters to all members, sending out invitations and taking care of ACE's general email inbox. He also produces the minutes of general assemblies and is an important contact person for the members. Additionally, he is in charge of the membership management and maintains the member’s database. 
This year, the Secretary is also responsible for the supervision of the Arts and Culture Committee, Discovery Committee, and Short Trip Committee. 

About Kai

Kai was born and raised in a small town in Germany and is currently in his second year of IBACS. Having lived in China, the United States, and Tanzania before, he decided to move abroad again for his bachelor's. He really enjoys the international environment of Rotterdam and likes to see things from different perspectives. He is also eager to improve his Dutch and to learn more about Dutch culture. In his free time, you can find him at concerts, binge-watching Netflix, playing badminton, cooking fancy dishes or editing his Instagram photos.

Albert Jan van Dalen

treasurer@ifaace.nl / internalrelations@ifaace.nl


The Treasurer of the Association is responsible for the cash flow of the organization and maintaining its budget. At every General Assembly he will present the progress on the
budget so far. Every committee has its own budget and it is the Treasurer's task to distribute money to the different committees. He needs to check all the Treasurers of the committees to ensure they do not exceed their budget and spend it wisely. Another important responsibility of the Treasurer is the Long-Trip Committee. Because of this committee's relatively high budget, it is necessary that the Treasurer of the Association is part of this committee as its treasurer.

As the Internal Relations Manager, the main mission is to represent ACE towards the faculty, as well as the other way around; a lot of focus has to be put on maintaining valuable contacts with the ESHCC faculty, as well as collaborating on events with the staff of the separate departments within it. The continuation of the ESHCC Today program is a nice example of what can be accomplished through collaboration between these parties. The Internal Relations Manager also keeps in contact with the Studystore, to ensure that the correct books are ordered and that may be delivered on time as well. Furthermore, the Internal Relations Manager also stays up-to-date on the current finances of the association, having an additional function as Financial Control within the board.

About Albert Jan 

Albert Jan van Dalen is the Treasurer and Internal Relations manager of the 38th Board of I.F.A ACE. He is currently in his third year of the Bachelor History and he has specialized himself in the field of economic history. Furthermore, he is a renowned collector of random and often quite useless facts and trivia. This year he hopes to create engaging possibilities for the members, and of course have a lot of fun.

Demi Heijboer

externalrelations@ifaace.nl / marketing@ifaace.nl


The main responsibility of the External Relations Manager is to make sure that all communication is smooth and that the contact with external parties is maintained in a good manner. He must be approachable, sharp-witted and assertive for it is his task to let ACE grow according to the board of the board, both the long term and short term. Furthermore, the External Relations Manager is in charge of the acquisition. Acquiring new sponsor and partnerships is a vital part of the growth. ACE is going through. Finally, the External Relations Manager takes part in the SGN (Student History Netherlands) board, which organizes the annual SGN day and some additional events.

The Marketing Manager focuses on the online communication and promotion materials. This includes maintaining the website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) to keep everyone up-to-date about events and invitations for promotion. The Marketing Manager is also in charge of templates, the house style of the association, the committee of recommendation and taking pictures at events.

About Demi 

Demi is the External Relations Manager and the Marketing Manager of the 38th Board of ACE. She is an IBCoM student who has been active within ACE since the very beginning of her student life. After enjoying her student life to the fullest by occasional parties, doing an internship and an exchange after which she travelled a lot, she is ready for this board year. Demi is eager to go the extra mile to get the best out of her double position, which could be of great use. With her strong motivation and enthusiasm she is determined to make the very best of this year!